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Dear visitors,

Welcome to my website which is intended to share my photographs capturing remarkable events at Brno-Turany international airport (LKTB/BRQ), my home airfield.

Now, I would like to bring out a very brief basic information about Brno airport. A bit of geography at first:-). LKTB is surrounded by three capitals. Located 200 kilometers northeast of Prague, 120 km north of Vienna and 110 km north of Bratislava, Brno has a unique opportunity to serve this economically significant region and complement the other (bigger) airpots here.

Although the total amount of traffic is not comparable to the major airports of Central European region such as Vienna, Prague or Bratislava, Brno is considered a remarkable spotting location thanks to its favourable spotting possibilities, understanding and friendly security staff and attractive cargo movements represented mainly by Russian freighters IL-76 and An-124. In combination with passenger throughput of 500.000, Czech Connect Airlines, Ryanair, Wizz Air, UT Air and TNT Airways scheduled service, every single plane is somehow interesting compared to the others.